Monday, October 25, 2010

She's got dirty dishes on the brain

Sent home on Saturday night by my mates after one double tooo many. Get home I'm guessing around 2am-ish and start washing up. I apparently had the company of two of my brothers as I did this. I remember one of them being there. The other I have no recollection of or the £30 I forced upon him because he had lent me it the previous week. I woke up yesterday thinking "How the fuck did I spend £40 on a taxi from Camden!". I also proceeded to do the laundry and take my Mum's washing from the tumble dryer sometime around 3am up to her room. Of course I woke her up. Sleepily and confused she asked me what I was doing... "the laundry Mum". She then asked me if they were folded... they weren't... she tutted and told me to put them down as I dropped them straight onto the floor and staggered out of the room.

Really must remember not to attempt housework after a night out again. It will not be appreciated.

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  1. hey gemma, we met in london at the haggerston a while ago. chatted about music and stuff. how are you?