Sunday, May 16, 2010

When I was 19

When I was 19 I lived in an attic over looking a seriously old Abbey/ Graveyard in Howth. The house was a bit mad and I shared it with some interesting Slovakians.

Myself and my drunkaa friend christened my little room Phyllis , good times were had in Phyllis pre-drinking shoulders of vodka with my funny house mate Simona. Her stories of kissing all the boys in nightclubs back home and getting beaten up by their girlfriends were highly entertaining. My first Friday night in the house before I went off to get trashed with my friends consisted of smoking cigars, drinking some wild Slovakian shots and watching Faithless live on the telly. I kinda wish  I spent more time drinking with these guys as they were quite funny.

I only spent 3 and a half months living in this house but it was my first home that I lived in without friends or family and it certainly left some interesting experiences ingrained in my mind.

I have so many songs that remind me of this house and my little attic room Phyllis. So i'm going to post one up each week and put them under the Phyllis Collection. They just bring back some good memories.

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