Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strange dreams

My sister-in-law freaked me out this week telling me she dreamt that I was in a chemist with her complaining about the price of a pregnancy test I was trying to purchase. VILE. In the dream she came over and informed me that you could buy cheaper ones in the local pound shop. BILE.

Dreams about pregnancy  under the age of 30 are hideous. In no way shape or form do I want to be associated with a minor before I have finished my life of lunacy and bad choices. Luckily after much research I can calm myself with the knowledge that dreaming about pregnancy or other people dreaming that you are pregnant will not get you pregnant. I repeat NOT get you pregnant.

What is interesting is the quote I found below:

For a man to dream that he is the father of a child he is warned about indiscriminate sexual relations and one night stands.

A good few months ago someone I know had this dream. Ha!

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