Saturday, March 20, 2010

Considering sobriety

Realising my finals are less than a month away I should be considering sobriety. But then I had a flash back to last summer when I had to give up drink for a month due to health concerns and I remembered how much drunk people fucking piss me off. I think I'll leave sobriety to those who can handle it... but I also think that the majority of people I know have an unhealthy dependency on booze. Being one of the worst I probably should try and give my liver a break but the habitual banalities of everyday life are far to gross to contend with 24/7. Also the vileness of people in general could easily turn someone to hardcore alcoholism. Which reminds me of one encounter last year ***FLASHBACK*** Walking into Dakota on South William street, the bar is really crowded with short, fat, balding mummies boys who have probably never enjoyed one exciting or different thing in their lives. As we squeeze by the bar, I am totally sober and one of these one of these 'wrong-side-of-thirty' wankers steps in front of myself and a friend. As I go he turns very loudly to his friend remarking that I am in fact "below average". Being sober I was totally aware of this ugly creature making an 'assessment' of me. I kindly turned around and told this ugly fat sad little man to shove his assessment up his arse. Unfortunately being sober makes encounters of this kind much harder to brush over in a drunken blur. It would have gone right over my head with a few dropsies. Guzzzzzzler.


  1. If you wanna join the sober train...hop on...its a laugh a minute over here!

  2. fo sho! ugh fear after last night think I will.