Monday, March 29, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

So for breakfast this morning (afternoon) I stumbled into our living room, shoved the Sunday Times and Sunday Independent, unread from 2 weeks ago, off the couch and helped myself to a nutritious slice of cold, old pizza and a few spicy wedges. I washed this down with a pint of flat coke.

Yes, last night a pregnant man delivered myself and Meg a Mizonni's meal deal at 2am. As neither of us had credit we had to order online and wait for email updates on our delivery. This was our second attempt to get a pizza delivery after we Facebooked her little brother to ring Dominos! He said he got through and ordered our meal at midnight, one hour later we were still waiting. Her brother was now off-line, so we facebooked our friend begging her to ring them and see where our food was. Our good friend only got through to an answer machine but left a kind message asking where our food was. The food never came...

So we got some online pizza.

I hate myself.

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