Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ze postmodern cesspit

Whilst sitting my repeat exams I actually got to study something that made some sense to me! I'm usually left in complete bewilderment at the abstract modules we have to take but I came across an interesting essay by Zygmunt Bauman called Life in Fragments: Essays in Postmodern morality. Anyway having lived here for 4 random years and expecting to depart next year his 'rules of thumb' kinda made sense if you want to be able to adapt in the world. So here they are:

Rules of thumb for the Postmodern individual
  • Do not plan your trips to long - the shorter the trip, the greater the chance of completing it.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to the people you meet at the stopover - the less you care about them, the less it will cost you to move on
  • Do not commit yourself too strongly to people, places, causes - you do not know how long they will last or how long you will count them worthy of your commitment
  • Do not think of your current resources as capital - savings lose value fast, and the once vaunted 'cultural capital' tends to turn in no time into cultural liability

Whatever you are after, get it NOW; you cannot know whether the gratification you seek today will still be gratifying tomorrow.

Basically he says that because cultures and societies change so rapidly we opt out of 'strings attached' situations and avoid long-lasting consequences as a means of survival. So we'll end up disengaged and disenchanted loners with no attachments to to anything or anyone. Bliss.

It's a little extreme but it does make some sense!

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