Friday, July 24, 2009

Depravity in Doyle's

There were about four 17-year-olds in Doyle's last night... and one women well over the age of consent. The place was pretty dead which always means some degenerate makes a complete disgrace of themselves. (It's usually me) Lucky this night in Doyle's I was actually too drunk to talk to random Brazilians, French or Itinerants. So the social degradation was left up to the woman who I would say was about 27 but had had a 'hard' life...and really looked more like 57! After she dry humped her way through male population on the dance floor she had to start pulling some bigger stunts to keep the attention of the cock-orientated crowd especially once they figured she was an insane crack whore! So in utter horror of everyone who may have had one last grip on reality she whips up her skirt to reveal one of the most hideous pale bottoms I have ever seen and starts gyrating it into some guys crotch... her bare arse on show in front of a room full of people and a horrible arse at that! Like wobbly, pale thong wearing horror! So she basically shows everyone her hole for about 15 minutes till she falls over to the window that looks over street below with her dress still up over her ass proceeds with a serious PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION (which I just can't describe to you without having horrible flash backs) with some bloke who I'm not sure she knows all that well. Anyone walking below that window seeing that depravity must of puked into their Burger King...

Put your hole away you hoe.

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