Friday, June 12, 2009

Thirtydirty days of 'Sobriety'

I couldn't help but wonder.......... why all my articles started off the same? Would I ever find another opening line? Or was I destined for an over analytical but yet completely brain-dead future? Fuck off Carrie Bradshaw.

So anyway, I couldn't help but wonder (cheeky) why God/Allah/Puppet Master/Vigo Ruler of Carpathia had decided to put a blockers on my drinking habits! I have cruely been struck down with a terrible case of 'You should not drink' from my Doctor. Of course I explained that being a student this was an entirely proprosterous idea and that Vodka, Jaegermeister and cheap wine were all part of my staple diet... the very substance of my being! However, unfortunately the dude has a PHD or something like that which means I'm being forced to follow his advice for the next 30 days. That's four weeks of listening to drunk people whilst being stone cold sober. Fabulous, I just can't wait to try and understand all the slurring and slobbering winos who I can usually converse with quite comprehensibly with a few Hogbombs under my belt!

Oh Ethanol sweet Ethanol...

Alas, I am taking these next few weeks as a small social experiment in which I shall be reporting on weekly if not daily. So my dear, dear, dear commerades do watch out for any little anicdotes about your alcoholic frolics here! I'll help refresh all your debauched antics! :)

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